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Dr   Luis   Pavajeau
Plastic Surgeon
Board  Certified  Plastic Surgeon
Member of  ISAPS
International Society of  
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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    Safety is our Priority

    1 Smoking besides producing 18 types of cancer , always delays healing and can lead you to an
    "open wound ". If  you smoke please stop smoking at least 8 weeks before , not the day before
    surgery. Smoking is prohibited during the post op.

    2 Diabetes always leads process an leads to delayed Healing. Manypatients with over weight
    might be initiating Diabetes or have a hidden diabetes

    3 Either being with over weight, or patients with MWL surgery such as  sleeve or By pass
    surgeries   also have an increase  risk of delayed healing and open wound.

    4 Hypertension if not treated increases Hemathoma Risk.

    5 Diabetes increases risk of infection.
    If you have multiple  risk factors  you can have your plastic surgery done .
    But try  to select only  one  surgery at a time. It is for your  safety !
This site provides complete medical  information about Plastic Surgery procedures and  Tourism to Colombia.
You can also visit  our  other   web site  
 Best Plastic Surgery in Colombia
Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Tourism in

    1.Safety is our priority!  The so called  
    "Combos (3 or more big procedures in
    one surgery)  increases risks.

    2.  Dr  Pavajeau is True or Real Plastic
    Surgeon and he is a Colombian Board
    Certified Plastic Surgeon by SCCP.

    3.  Dr Pavajeau is also internationally
    certified by  ISAPS

    4.Dr Pavajeau is Certified interesting the
    USA by ASPS and  ISHRS

    5.   Dr Pavajeau has been Four times
    award winner in the years 1994, 2005
    and 2015, and 2017 during  International
    Meetings of  the  Colombian Board of
    Plastic Surgery.
    Additionally he has been   award winer in
    Italy for the " Modena Award 2005."

    6.  In one year, Dr Pavajeau normally
    performs around 950 to 1200 plastic
    surgery  procedures.
    In  his 25 years of practice he has  
    performed  approx. 15,000 plastic
    surgeries. That is 2 to 3 times more than
    any plastic surgeon of his age in the USA.

    7 Surgeries are not miracles . They are
    Medical procedures. An unexpected  
    outcome can happen in few cases , and it
    is most of the cases related  to bad
    healing of the patient.
    It is always possible to improve an
    unexpected outcome with a  revision
    Revsion surgeries  are always free of
    charge and an insurance fully  covers  
    any complication that may appear during
    next 30 days after surgery.
    Complications usually  appear no later
    than 8 days after surgery . Hematoma or
    bleeding under skin , or seroma under
    the skin are most frequent.

    Sometimes healing on the next months  
    might change a little what the surgeon
    performed during surgery.     
    8 Almost all patients with exception of  
    BDD patients , trust the Plastic Surgeon
    they have picked.
    Unsatisfied patients seek (99% of the
    time) help from the same  Plastic surgeon

    In most cases , patients are very satisfied
    after a revision surgery that might
    improve a droopy tip, or a bad scar due
    to slow healing of the patient etc.  

    Dr Pavajeau loves making revision nose
    jobs and revision surgeries from other

    9 Revision surgeries from Dr
    Pavajeau patients are very rare but
    DO happen as to all plastic surgeons.

     After a small free of charge revision
    surgery, all patients are  very satisfied.

    Dr Pavajeau is a perfectionist and loves
    excellent results in all his patients!
    Please ask him when you have  doubts
    about your result! Normally swelling is
    the number one  cause of concern after
    surgery. But swelling always goes away.

    10 Anonymous  reviews on  Internet can
    harm or destroy  any ones  reputation, as
    we all know .
    As it is known  Internet has many
    possibilities which enables  anonymous
    negative harmful  reviews. But not only
    Dr Pavajeau , all Plastic surgeons should
    have a few.
    But it is just like when you are making
    research in a hotel. If you have 95 good
    reviews saying Ia Hotel is good , near to
    everything, with nice breakfast , it should
    be a good Hotel, despite 3 persons might
    be saying is the worst Hotel in the world.

    Most negative reviews are non-Real
    Patients or false reviews. During the
    Aesthetic meeting of the ASAPS
    American Society of Plastic Surgery, in
    Las Vegas in April 2016 CEOs of main
    health  platforms showed  that  
    anonymous  cases against  Plastic
    surgeons were  generally posted by  an
    ex employee , a peer or a college, a   
    "fake doctor" in the area  with no Board
    certification  competing for patients,

    Dr. Pavajeau wants all of his patients to
    love their results . This is why he loves
    revision surgeries .
    But remember that he nor any Plastic
    Surgeon can´t control your healing
    process .

Want to Know  Dr Pavajeau and
Watch him  in action  ? Click for
    Plastic Surgery in Colombia is one of the best options for Safe
    Plastic Surgery Turism Abroad.

    If your looking for a  safe plastic surgery ,with safe surgical facilities , and
    an excellent  Post Op care, this site should be a good guide to start.

    There are at least  800 Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in Colombia .
    But almost 350 Fake Plastic Surgeons are also working Side by side.
    There is no Law up to this  moment that prohibits Fake Plastic Surgeons
    from advertising and Making  Plastic Surgery in Colombia , as there is also
    no control in most Lation America Countries..

    Bargain shopping with plastic surgery is extremely dangerous.
    Plastic surgery is not like getting a manicure or a hair appointment. If you
    have a poor  outcome from a plastic surgery you cannot give it back as you
    can with a pair of high-end shoes or a high-end purse. Of course even real
    Plastic Surgeons might have some poor results , but real surgeons know
    how bring back this results to the best results possible.

    First of all, look for  a board-certified plastic and reconstructive
    There are no substitutes whatsoever. Unfortunately, any physician in
    Colombia with a medical license can try on you and perform plastic
    Surgery; A  Medical Plastic surgery  license in Colombia , in other words, is
    unrestricted .

    This is dangerous to the consumer in that, they are not safeguarded of
    misleading ads, or ads of "fake  physicians".

    Plastic surgery in Colombia is also performed by some medical doctors like
    Otorrinolaringologists, called also Face Surgeons,  gynecologists and
    You might find  many web sites, with very cheap deals, with cheap implants
    , and cheap medical facilities without licensed Anesthesiologists .

    In my practice as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon  , a  proportion of my
    work involves some revision surgery patients of other Doctors. A significant
    number of those revisions comes from local patients who have gone to
    doctors who are not board-certified plastic surgeons in Colombia. I

    In Plastic Surgery, you truly get what you pay for
    If you are paying significantly less, there is a significant chance you are
    going to get a lesser result with your cosmetic procedure .
    Bargain shopping may be an excellent choice in normal life
    purchases, however, when considering plastic surgery, it is not a
    good option.

    Never shop on price in your health and your Safety:
    Cheap deals, in clinics offering  a second free surgery, or surgeons
    advertising for free appointments should always be a red flag .

    Prices in Colombia are 1/2 to 1/3 the prices in the USA. And that is  a good
    deal for you.

    Consultations in which you see a front person but not the Plastic surgeon
    should be avoided. Insist on meeting and talking with the surgeon before
    the operation.
    Check with the Colombian Board of Plastic Surgery Sociedad Colombiana
    de Cirugía Plástica SCCP that the surgeon is a Board Certified Plastic
    Surgeon and is a real specialist in the field. He should  also  be a member
    in the USA of the American Society of Plastic Surgery ASPS.
    Also check your Plastyic Surgeon  Reviews in Realself. Most of them are
    real patients . However anyone can post so as it  normally happens with
    good hotels  there is always an unsatisfied patient , or a review posted bu
    Look for  awards given by  peers or colleges. Jj dfuijhgvbnf   6nnust as in
    United States, awards are given during International meetings to the best
    works presented by the plastic surgeon during the annual meeting..

    About US
    Science y Estética or Science y Esthetic is a plastic surgery logistic team
    Directed by Dr Pavajeau.  Dr Pavajeau has been four  times Board award
    winner plastic surgeon. Dr Pavajeau is dedicated to provide the best
    esthetic and best plastic surgery experience. He will be the only Plastic
    Surgeon doing your Plastic surgery in an upscale and safe environment!
    Some other Plastic Surgeons , might have a second or third college making
    surgery in the name of the main surgeon!
    Science y Estetica means Science and Esthetic or scientific knowledge
    combined with state of art Cosmetic or Plastic Esthetic  knowledge.
    Your Plastic Surgery treatments are done by one of the best and most
    highly skilled Plastic surgeons in Colombia, at some of the most modern
    and state-of-the-art plastic surgery facilities in Bogota.
    Additionally Dr Pavajeau dedicates time to reconstruct " Burned patients ".
    He gives back to the community offering for free recunstructive procedures
    such as eye brow recunstruction,  and has helped world Unowned patients
    as Natalia Ponce de Leon , a patient with full face acid burn , with her
    eyebrow reconstruction.

    Is it Safe to travel to Colombia?
    Bogotá the capital of Colombia is the most visited place for Cosmetic
    Plastic surgery and Medical Tourism in Colombia. High scientific level,
    affordable prices, and excellent results, have made Colombia the paradise
    for Plastic and Esthetic surgery Tourism, and other types of Medical
    Tourism such as Massive weight loss surgery, cardio vascular surgery,
    fertility programs and odontological procedures.
    Plastic Surgery in Colombia is a combination of wellness and health care,
    coupled with leisure and relaxation which is aimed at rejuvenating you
    mentally, physically and emotionally. We always include some Post op
    treatments for your relaxation to increase healing.
    Healing process is better if you feel the trip is not only for a surgical
    enhancement, but also as a moment of relaxation.
    Having that in mind, and preventing complications as Deep Venous
    Trombosis, or DVT , we invite our patients to be in bead the shortest time
    possible, and we plan our surgery with post op care, in a non-risk
    environment for fast recovery.
    Patients can put the money they are saving on the procedure that can be
    up to 50% or more, into turning their journey in a magnificent, world-class
    retreat. For many   patients, it is the only way to get the needed or desired
    plastic surgery treatment, without wiping out their entire life-savings as in
    Europe and United States.

    Is it Risky to make  Plastic Surgery Abroad?
    Not all patients are good candidates for surgery abroad. Patients with
    Massive Wight Loss surgery usually have slow healing. Also obese patients
    without MWL surgery that have been reducing more than 20 % of body  
    weight, have sometimes reduced and or slow healing.
    Smokers who have been smoking in the previous months also have higher
    risks even if they stop smoking only one month before surgery. An active
    smoker has even  a higher incidence of bad healing of the wounds. If  you
    have any of  these  conditions you  should  have  in mind that if you have
    plans on several Plastic surgical procedures , these should not be on  the
    same  day . The so called “Combos” have been prohibited in several
    countries and have a well known risk of bad healing and DVT.
    However if you are not a smoker , or a patiet with Massive Weight
    Loss , or an obese patient  who has been for  a long time making
    diets, then your risk is considered normal and you can expect your
    surgery without any complications.

Dr Pavajeau has almost 90 worldwide positive reviews with an average of 4,8

in Realself.

​, Dr Pavajeau makes 2 to 3 surgeries per day. That means around 60 plastic
surgeries per month and around 700 Plastic surgeries per year.

Starting his practice as Plastic surgeon in the year 1994, 24 years now, he has
performed more than 15.000 Plastic Surgery procedures. Satisfied patients
most of the time ,
dot post.
Most patients want to keep their result in privacy and do not want to share
with others. But some have accepted posting and it is the best way to say
thank to us.

​Check videos on this link
with patients speaking about Dr Pavajeau.

​You can find in i
Realself some negative reviews.
That is normal with all Doctors as it is with good hotels. But just like when you
are making research with Hotels if yo find 99 % good reviews saying that a
hotel has excellent service and is very well located, 2 or three persons can say
it is the worst Hotel in the world.  But probably )0 % of the people will say the
truth .

Competitors and even ex employs, or ex couples  use  Internet as a revenge.

Unsatisfied patients sometimes  have  Body Dismorhpic Disorder or BD
Patients that have BDD have  problems accepting  their body image wheter it
is good or bad.
.  BDD patients make surgery and are never satisfied , even if
the result is perfect, Then after any surgery they
 usually go to several Doctors
trying to get operated again and  again , always unsatisfied with any result.

One of the reviews is a patient with BDD, that posted  her before pictures as
the after-surgery result of her surgery. In the link  we are showing her Real
before and after pictures for you to compare. With this picture, you can judge
her result.  This patient in our opinion has also a good result for her nose and

BDD. Body Dysmorphic  Disorder. Important information for your safety

All patients having BDD do not see  their real image but a distorted image.
They can't control their negative thoughts and don't believe people who tell
them that they look fine. Their thoughts may cause severe emotional distress
and interfere with their daily functioning. They may miss work or school, avoid
social situations and isolate themselves, even from family and friends,
because they fear others will notice their flaws

The most common type of BDD is an anorexic patient looking into the mirror
and saying she looks fat when this in not true. Everyone  
observes she is ultra-
thin, but her distorted self-image shows her  that she is fat. BDD patients are
found also in Nose surgery , rejuvenation Surgery, and Hair restoration
Patients. BDD patients are also depressed patients and suffer from other
 syndromes such as OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

​BDD makes plastic surgery patients feel they don't look fine ever,  and don´t  
believe people who tell them that they look fine .  This type of patients appear
in Plastic surgery offices frequently because they are never satisfied.  

Please take a minute to read about BDD.  There is link to a short test to detect

​Any one suffering from BDD is a bad candidate for any kind of Plastic Surgery.
Patients with BDD will never be satisfied with any cosmetic or esthetic plastic

.Please do not make any cosmetic surgery ,  if you have any red Flags related
to BDD or a high score in the BDD test.
Surgery and general anesthesia mig
ht  worsen all symptoms of BDD, plus
depression and Anxiety, and
an  absolute dissatisfaction, will be the result.

Dr Pavajeau may ask you to take a BDD test in the office
during your visit. So,
if your score in BDD test is high , please contact someone that might help you
before coming to us

lease follow our advice, do not make plastic surgery without appropriate
Plastic Surgery Colombia
Board Certified by SCCP
Colombian Board  Certified  Plastic Surgeon
ISAPS Membership
International Society of  Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
ASPS membership
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Video  of Dr Pavajeau
Rhinoplasty results


    For  a  quote please  send complete  medical
    information . For your  safety do not forget any
    important medical condition. Besides being
    Ilegal it is very risky for you. Also do not forget
    to mention cicatrice medication and
    psychiatric illness that might exacerbate with
    anesthesia. Anti depressive medication etc.  
    Do not forget to send pictures!  We  will not  
    send  quote   without  complete medical
    information  or  without pics to any patient.
    Pictures  taken too close to  the  patient ,
    have  a great distortion and  are confusing
    leading to  an  inaccurate quote.
    Try  to  use   your cell phone or your camera
    from about 7 feet away . Take a look at the
    green box below. Do not send family pics  as
    shown on red box. To quote for  Lipo, breast
    and  butt surgeries,  and for nose job or  face
    lift, a frontal and side view picture for right and
    left side are mandatory, as shown in green

    Your height and weight information is also
    very important.
    All pics  are considered private  and  are  only
    to be used  for  medical purposes  of  your  
    quote. Pics give the  Plastic  surgeon very
    important information and  let us calculate
    surgical time. Your Quote is usually
    proportional to surgical time.  
    Calculating your surgical time accurately, will
    make your quote more affordable.
    All pics and information are privately studied
    and answered  by Dr Pavajeau and a quote
    will be sent to you asap!!
    Send  the  pics  in jpg  format ,as shown in
    green box below to .
    Since all  e-mails   are   answered  by  Dr  
    Pavajeau please calculate  between  2  and  
    3  days  for  an  answer. If  no  answer  is   
    received by the third day,  please  resend  the
    e-mail again. Sometimes e-mails  may go  to
    Spam. Check your e-mail address is written

    Para una cotizacion   , es  necesario  
    enviar fotos.  Así  será mas facil
    determinar el tiempo de la  cirugía y podemos
    enviarle una cotización mas exacta . Sus  
    fotos  son privadas  y llegan directamente  al
    correo  del Dr Pavajeau y serán usadas
    unicamente para su cotización.
    Es muy importante que envie toda su histroria
    medica , asi como debe enviar informacion
    de todos los mmedicamentos que usted
    toma. No olvide tambien incluir en su
    informacion si usted sufre de depresión ,
    anorexia o cualquier antecedente sicologico
    importante que le hubiera sido
    diagnosticado. Tambien envíenos el nombre
    de la medicacion siquiatrica que utliza .
    Envienos fotos corporales sin cara. Si la
    cirugía es de nariz o de estiramiento facial ,
    una foto de frente y  perfil de la cara es
    Si no hemos respondido en 72 horas  por  
    favor envienos  otro e mail o  contactenos
    por  via  telefónica.  Verifique   su  direccion  
    de   email y  tenga  en  cuenta  que   su  e  
    mail  podria llegar  a  una  carpeta  de  spam.
    Vea el tipo de fotos en el cuadro verde abajo
    . No utilice fotos familiares como las del
    recuadro rojo abajo.
    Envíe las fotos como en el recuadro en
    color verde abajo  a  
    Los Espacios que no se  llenen en  
    este formulario impiden que la
    informacion sea enviada!  Chequee
    que  su direccion de correo electronico
    este correctamente escrita.